Landscapes of Remembrance is a project of York Archaeological Trust supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund. 

Our project is about discovering the ways in which the fallen from World War One are commemorated in the landscape around us. We took an archaeological approach to ‘reading’ the monuments that are found in the landscape we live in.

We are all aware of memorials to be found in churches and other public spaces such as schools, squares or cemeteries. Sometimes a park or a public building is created or built as a memorial. Once a year we remember the fallen in November and sometimes stop for a moment to look at the names of those who died.

As these monuments have become part of our history and the landscape where we live, some people have carefully recorded the people commemorated. Our project set about creating a team of volunteers who recorded the memorial they live near from the viewpoint of the archaeologist.

We looked at what type of monument we found, where they were located, what decoration we could find, and the background to the creation of these memorials.   

Memorialised Spaces

Memorials in the Community
Memorials symbolism

The Project 

The war memorial on Acomb Green.